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Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania Safari Cost

Price Factors For Tanzania Safari

We recognize that Tanzanian safari prices are higher than neighboring countries. However, consider the size of Tanzania - it is the largest country in East Africa. It has a higher population of wildlife and more diversity in national parks. Park fees are one of the main factors for the overall higher price but note that park fees contribute towards rangers, environmental conservation throughout the country, and anti-poaching campaigns to protect endangered wildlife. Other contributors include lodging costs and tour operator costs.

Park fees

Tanzania park fees are the highest, but and start with Tanzania parks are the best in East Africa. Check out Safari Bookings’ recent post naming Serengeti the Top Safari Destination in the World.

Some national parks throughout Tanzania have different fees. Serengeti, for instance, has a higher per-day fee than other parks, while Tarangire, Arusha National Park and Manyara all have the same entry fee.

Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater are UNESCO Heritage Sites. As such, specific approaches are taken to preserve nature in a manner that aligns with this designation, and the modest fee increase helps to cover these costs. These two destinations have higher fees as a result.

Some areas are designated Wildlife Management Areas and thus, park fees for these locations go towards the local authorities’ important work of caring for Tanzania’s incredible wildlife.

Hotel/lodging costs

A great safari experience includes staying at a lodge or hotel. Returning from a game drive to a beautiful room, enjoying a hot shower and relaxing on the veranda with a cool drink in hand push a good day in the savannah to a great day on safari.

It is common for meals to be inclusive of one’s accommodation fees, so the cost covers food, water and lodging, not just a night’s stay. The staff is usually specifically trained in hospitality and fluent in English.

Further, parks that operate in protected areas have to take more measures to ensure their minimal impact on the environment and sometimes pay additional fees. Therefore, guests pay a higher cost to stay in these special locations.

Vehicle fuel, maintenance, amortization (and other transportation)

Four-wheel drive Land Cruisers are essential for traveling to and through Tanzania’s national parks. African Scenic Safaris USA’s safari cars are not only vehicles for travel, but we have outfitted them for comfort and enjoyment during game drives. In African Scenic Safaris USA’s safari vehicles, guests have access to a mini-fridge for cool drinks, functioning outlets to charge devices or cameras, and even Wi-Fi internet!

For premium safaris with scheduled air travel in a bush plane is an additional cost, which is more expensive than driving by car. However, for those interested in an adventure by plane, there are few other locations in the world that offer such a spectacular experience, an aerial safari in nearly a ‘private flight’ for such a low cost, considering the incredible adventure.

Duration of your safari

As to be expected, longer safaris do have a higher price. However, traveling during the low season usually means special discounts, and many hotels do offer appreciable discounts for prolonged stays. The attraction of longer safaris is that travellers can explore Tanzania to the fullest.

Trip To Tanzania: Some Other Costs Explained

Not included in your safari package are the following:

Airfare and baggage fees. however, we are happy to arrange your airfare and quote you an all-inclusive price.

Entry visas to enter Tanzania. The cost varies based on your country of citizenship, but is 50 USD for most European and Canadian travellers and is 100 USD for American citizens.

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